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Our Team 

The Society for UAP Studies is firmly committed to bringing together thinkers, ideas, and research from both the humanities and from STEM. We believe that only when scientific and humanistic pursuits keep close company will there be true progress on the most difficult of problems humanity faces. The UAP phenomenon is no different — it especially benefits from having a plurality of minds engaged in disciplined debate.

Both our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board reflect this vision.


Our Board of Advisors works closely with the President of the Society and its Board of Directors. The function of the Advisory Board is to ensure that the Society is steered in an academically and empirically responsible direction, consistent with its overarching mission and goals. In addition to its function as a steering committee, during its official meetings the Advisory Board has the opportunity to vote on actionable items proposed by the President and/or Executive Director of the Society. Finally, the Advisory Board can, reciprocally, make strategic or structural proposals to the President and/or Executive Director of the Society, for potential adoption by its Board of Directors - rounding out the Advisory Board's function as a robust steering committee.

Board of Advisors

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the organization as a nonprofit corporate entity. The specific direction that the organization takes as a learned & professional society is shaped by the Society's Advisory Board, which functions as a steering committee.

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