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The Society for UAP Studies is a nonprofit corporation (501c3 status pending) that seeks to bring together serious thinkers (both academics and professionals) who are committed to advancing the study of the UAP phenomenon to the next level of rigorous scholarly study. The Society's primary output is the biannual, peer-reviewed journal Limina, around which the Society is initially to be organized.

Please Note: the Society (including this website) is currently under development but is nonetheless accepting applications for membership. SUAPS is set to officially launch sometime in 2023, following the February Inaugural Symposium of the Society's journal, LiminaAfter launch, member dues will be expected for those applicants who have been accepted into the Society.

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Solar Eclipse


a Biannual Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journal —

LIMINA: The Journal of UAP Studies

Northern Lights


a public service devoted to systematic & sophisticated engagement with various aspects of the UAP phenomenon

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creating the concepts we need

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SUAPS is considering launching a series of online lecture/seminar courses on the various disciplinary approaches to the study of the UAP phenomenon, in addition to courses with a more foundational focus. Contact us if you are interested in teaching or attending. Subscribe to our email list to keep apprised of these and other exciting offerings of the Society.

Fundamental Approaches to the Study of the UAP Phenomenon


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