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2 月 3 ~ 5 日、  2023  |オンライン仮想イベント

Please note: general registrations for the conference provide tickets granting access to all main auditorium lectures, plus access to both the networking lounges and exhibition booths. Workshop access is only given to invited participants.

Conference Speakers

Understanding Through Dialogue

Our conference speakers represent a broadly international coalition of scholars who approach UAP from a variety of academic disciplines, each focused on one aspect of the subject. We have humanists, together with social and physical scientists all working out the complex landscape of understanding required of such a richly complex phenomenon. They reflect the Society's desire to reintegrate our knowledge of self and world that has over the centuries become divided in the contemporary university.

Concurrent Workshops

Scholarship on the subject of UAP requires not only interdisciplinary dialogue, but also more focused disciplinary work that provides a solid scholarly foundation for that dialogue to be productive. Here are this year's workshops which serve as a forum within which ideas and suggestions for future research can be presented, and feedback obtained from colleagues. Workshops are the incubators of progress in any area of study, and the Society is happy to provide a place for this to happen.

Please Note: conference workshops are by invitation only, and general registration for the conference does not necessarily grant access.

Concrete Wall

The Society's first annual conference follows its successful conference organized on behalf of its journal, Limina. The conference will unfold over the course of three days. On the first two days, several keynote and plenary speakers will surround a series of concurrent workshops, where scholars will gather in a more intimate setting to discuss their ideas and research proposals in UAP Studies. On the last day of the conference, workshop representatives will present a short synopsis of what unfolded during the workshops in an effort to spark a wider discussion among all conference participants. A final plenary lecture will round out the event and conclude the conference.

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**Detailed Schedule Coming Soon**


このイベントでは、仮想ブースで UAP の研究およびデータ収集組織を招待しました。

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