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Project Hessdalen. Part 3 : From 26 February 2021 to ???

Project Hessdalen (Part 3) was established 26 February 2021 when the ownership of the automatic station in Hessdalen, the Blue Box, was transferred from Østfold University College to Visit Hessdalen AS. They are in Hessdalen and have an interest in having the Blue Box in operation. My hard work every year to get the bills for the Blue Box paid by the college, suddenly was removed from my shoulders. Visit Hessdalen took that task.

The next step was to move the website, which is now the, out from a computer in the serverpark at Østfold University College. The website was moved 26 August 2021 to a computer located in Hessdalen. Due to much downtime because of power, was moved 25 October 2023 to a server park in Røros town.

Due to my retirement from the college and no interest from the college to be inwolved with Project Hessdalen anymore, there were no students to take care of the improvement of the Blue Box.  “Out from heaven” a group of volunteers were established, who all wanted improvement of the equipment in the Blue Box.  21 December 2021 they started their work. The work of this group went slow due to lack of money and organizing of the group and lack strong leadership.

In early 2023 one man stood forward. Fred Pallesen. He has very many good skills and was villing to be the new leader of Project Hessdalen. This was a perfect solution.

Fred Pallesen is the man behind all the changes of Project Hessdalen. It become a non-profit organisation on 28 May 2023. Fred Pallesen is the leader and Erling P. Strand is the chairman of the board. 24 July 2023  a new webside was lanched. The old website is still working at A discord server was made 16 April 2023. The work is organized in teams.

Fred Pallesen is telling about the new Project Hessdalen at:

Please become a member of Project Hessdalen.

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