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Sept 24th 2022

This is an open forum for discussion of issues of concern in the study of the UAP phenomenon, to be held virtually.

Topics for discussion and debate may include: data acquisition from governmental agencies, and the relative importance of that data for UAP studies; the epistemology of anomalous phenomena and its relevance for the study of the UAP phenomenon; defining "the phenomenon"; modalities of a science of UAPs; social and cultural factors; existing crises in the sciences and their relation to UAP studies; the importance of scholarly work already done on the phenomenon for current and future research and study of UAPs (are the new researchers aware of what exists?); the status of "theory" in UAP studies.

Please Note: This Roundtable is limited to members of SUAPS only. However, we will accept a limited number of serious-minded individuals interested in participating in this exciting dialogue but who are not yet members of the Society. Some relevant institutional or professional association is required for attendance.

Consider applying for Society membership today!

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