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The Scientific Investigation of UAP

Innovative Italian UAP researcher, distinguished contributing member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, research scientist with Project Hessdalen, and distinguished member of the Society's Board of Advisors, Dr. Massimo Teodorani explores the scientific investigation of UAP in this wide-ranging 8 week course which focuses mainly on the astronomical and astrophysical aspects of the subject.

March-April 2024
10 am - 1 pm PST | 1- 4 pm EST

all courses are 125 USD or 50 USD monthly


Course Description

This course does not claim to teach established facts such as physics or mathematics: this is not currently possible in the field of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP). The purpose of this sequence of lectures is instead to stimulate discussion on a series of very important factors, starting with the survey methodology. Scientific rigor does not rhyme with rigidity. In the case of the study of UAPs, if we really want to expand our scientific knowledge, it is inevitable to marry Galilean rigor with a healthy and balanced mental openness. Otherwise, important aspects may escape us. In this field we all have only to learn, and no one, starting with myself, has the right to take the chair.


With this approach in mind, I will discuss what in my opinion are the most important aspects of UAP research, seen from the point of view of a physical scientist, and the most crucial actions that scientists should take in order to obtain concrete results, not focusing on a particular theory but exclusively on the methodology to obtain data of an acceptable level using well-calibrated measuring instruments. Regardless of this, no theory or hypothesis with its own internal consistency should be arbitrarily neglected. Only data that can be turned into numbers can tell what we are dealing with.


This seminar will be split in eight parts, of university introductory level, of which I mention here the main points in broad terms. Many of the listed references (some descriptive and some technical) can be found online. 

No no matter what your time zone, or your schedule, we encourage you to enroll! For the benefit of any student who can't attend live, the Society will record the sessions and make them available to students (once video processing is complete - generally, two to three days).

Air Pressure

Weekly Topics

Week 1 – Scientific Methodology


Week 2 – Research Strategy


Week 3 – Results of Past Measurements and Photographic Reports


Week 4 – Theories and Established Facts


Week 5 – Testing the ETH Hypothesis using Astrophysics


Week 6 – Identification of Propulsion Mechanisms


Week 7 – Alternative Hypotheses, Quantum Effects and Consciousness


Week 8 – Scientific Sky Watching

New Moon

Massimo Teodorani is a longtime UAP research and astrophysicist living and working in Northern Italy. Dr. Teodorani holds a Ph.D. in astronomy from Bologna University, with a specialization in stellar physics. There Dr. Teodorani taught physics, and has published widely in Italian as a science communicator. He has been a contributing member with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, as well as a scientific consultant on the Galileo Project, in addition to conducting important research on recurrent UAP, like the Hessdalen phenomenon in Norway. In his free time, Dr. Teodorani enjoys composing electronic music, using the pseudonym Totemtag.

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