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Join us today!

We encourage all who are interested to consider applying for membership in the Society for UAP Studies!


For those who would like to be community supporters, just apply for "community supporter" status, tell us about yourself, and you'll have a place here at the Society. Thank you!

As a learned society, only those applicants with advanced degrees or specific and relevant expertise, as well as demonstrated excellence in their field or profession, will be seriously considered for full "affiliate" membership status. Exceptional scholars and researchers, or highly-qualified professionals, should consider applying for Advisory Board Membership. (Students or young professionals showing promise may also be considered for full, Affiliate Membership.)


Please also keep in mind that continuing membership will be contingent upon adherence to a strict code of professional ethics.

Note: there are two steps involved in becoming a member:

  • Step 1 is to create an online account with us, which allows you to create your online profile on our website.

  • Step 2 involves filling out our official application form, after which further instructions will be emailed to you upon approval of your completed application.


Please also note that, as part of your application, we kindly ask that, along with a resume, you supply us with a personal narrative explaining both your interest in and familiarity with the subject. In this narrative, please explain how your academic and professional background may help further the more serious study of UAP. Tell us about yourself!

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