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Our Mission

The Society for UAP Studies strives to promote rigorous academic research on unidentified aerospace phenomena through critical and open dialogue among various scholarly disciplines that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of this complex phenomenon.


The Society acknowledges and values the efforts of capable scholars who, over the years, have challenged the taboo surrounding this subject and worked towards its serious examination within the broader academic community. Our aim is to build upon their work and expand its scope.


We align ourselves with those pioneering research groups that have in recent years paved the way for the acceptance of this phenomenon as a worthy subject of sustained academic - and especially scientific - investigation.


We hope to contribute to this momentum going forward by promoting not only serious scientific investigation of the many perplexing physical and psychological aspects of the phenomenon. Perhaps most importantly of all, we also hope to promote a renewed interest in this phenomenon among the many disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.


Considering the absence of a formally recognized academic field or discipline dedicated to "UAP Studies," we acknowledge that one of our key objectives is to foster and sustain the essential meta-theoretical dialogue necessary to establish UAP Studies as a clearly defined academic field of inquiry.


While we firmly believe that the humanities play a crucial role in deepening our understanding of the nature of the reality UAP may present (a subject that has sparked intense and often contentious debate since the very inception of modern UAP studies) and its significance for individuals and societies, we also believe that the humanities can be instrumental in fostering a space of critical neutrality when studying what UAP are.


Only by promoting dialogue and collaboration between the natural and social sciences, along with the humanities, can we hope to contribute meaningfully to an authentic understanding of UAP and, at the same time, produce a clear definition of UAP Studies as an academic field.


Let us never forget that the most significant advances in human knowledge, including the very emergence of science itself, happened only when humanistic and scientific pursuits kept close company.


In this spirit do we come together as a learned society for the advancement of knowledge of self, society and the natural world through a sustained engagement with UAP as a topic of great concern.

Mission & Goals: About

Our Goals

I. Promote Knowledge Exchange

II. Contribute to the Development of Rigorous Analytical/Evaluative Methodologies and Best Practices in UAP Studies

III. Foster Collaboration and Networking (Domestic and International)

IV. Support Professional Development

V. Advocate for the Field

VI. Encourage Ethical Conduct & Integrity

VII. Enhance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Field

VIII. Contribute to Education, Public Engagement & Outreach

IX. Establish Society Satellites Around The World

X. Keep Apprised of All Developments in the Field

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