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Workshops & Working Groups

opportunities for conceptual development, strategic coordination, and cohesion in research


2023 - 2024

SUAPS is developing a number of cross-organizational working groups devoted to key questions in key areas of scientific and scholarly work being done on UAP and related issues, such as academia's potential involvement with various aspects of government work being done on UAP.


One key question, fundamental to all UAP research, deals with the nature and role of UAP reporting datasets and the statistics these datasets provide. The Society is currently organizing a working group to tackle the question of how precisely these datasets are limited, and how these limitations severely constrain what conclusions can be derived from them.

Spiral Staircase


2023 - 2024

SUAPS is developing a number of virtual workshops for the purposes of doing fundamental research on a number of key areas of UAP studies in need of further conceptual development. One area of interest would be the intersection of UAP and consciousness studies. Another area of interest would be the role of fundamental physics in explaining the UAP phenomenon. Yet another, broader area is the question of statistical studies of UAP and the datasets on which they are based. 

Gold Liquid

Initiated October 2022 (paused)

This working group intends to meet regularly to discuss the problem of trying to explain the observed kinematics of a certain class of UAP. One preliminary issue that must be discussed is what data quality & quantity threshold needs to be met in order that a detailed theoretical examination of the kinematic anomalies would be productive. The group will also explore the more general question of whether there are truly new empirical observations suggestive of new foundational physics, or whether these anomalous UAP observations can be accommodated by the fundamental physical theories we already possess; that is: are quantum and relativity theories enough?

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