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The Society for UAP Studies aims to promote the serious academic study of unidentified aerospace phenomena in a spirit of critical, open dialogue among the many scholarly disciplines able to contribute to a meaningful understanding of this multifaceted phenomenon.


The Society recognizes the contributions of the many capable and gifted scholars over the decades who have sought both to overcome the taboo stifling progress on this subject, and to open it up to the wider academic and scholarly community for serious, systematic and sustained examination. We shall endeavor to further and expand upon their work.


It also joins in spirit with the few other research groups that have in the past several years trailblazed a path of acceptance of this phenomenon as one worthy of serious and sustained academic investigation.


We hope to contribute to this momentum going forward by promoting not only serious scientific investigation of the many perplexing physical and psychological aspects of the phenomenon. Perhaps most importantly of all, we also hope to promote a renewed interest in this phenomenon among the many disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

Given that there is no formally recognized academic field or discipline called "UAP Studies", the Society recognizes that one of its most important goals is to inspire and sustain the foundational meta-theoretic dialogue that is a necessary part of coming to some understanding of what establishes UAP Studies as a clearly defined academic field of investigation.

We believe the humanities are crucial if we are to understand more deeply not only what kind of a reality we are potentially dealing with (a topic of great, often contentious debate since the very dawn of the modern study of UAP), but also its meaning for individuals and their societies (a factor that cannot be ignored as we look for that reality).

Only by promoting dialogue and collaboration between the natural and social sciences, along with the humanities, can we hope to contribute meaningfully to an authentic understanding of UAP and, at the same time, produce a clear definition of UAP Studies as an academic field.

Let us never forget that the most significant advances in human knowledge, including the very emergence of science itself, happened only when humanistic and scientific pursuits kept close company.


In this spirit do we come together as a learned society for the advancement of knowledge of self, society and the natural world through a sustained engagement with UAP as a topic of great concern.

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