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SUAPS is developing a number of cross-organizational working groups devoted to key questions in key areas of scientific and scholarly work being done on UAP and related issues, such as academia's potential involvement with various aspects of government work being done on UAP.


One key question, fundamental to all UAP research, deals with the nature and role of UAP reporting datasets and the statistics these datasets provide. The Society is currently organizing a working group to tackle the question of how precisely these datasets are limited, and how these limitations severely constrain what conclusions can be derived from them.

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Standards of Evidence Working Group

Modeled after the Biosignatures Standards of Evidence (BSE) working group which NASA conducted in 2021-2022, this working group will be devoted to determining a similar framework for the empirical study of UAP, which can ultimately garner broad support from the scientific community at large. The main deliverable from this working group will be a white paper which parallels the NASA BSE paper of 2022.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Michael C. Cifone

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Citizen Science Working Group

Arguably, empirical investigations of UAP are the oldest Citizen Science program in the U.S. - though rarely have they been conceived as such. This working group aims to produce a clear Citizen Science (CS) framework for empirical study of UAP (UAP-CS) which links individuals and relevant datasets to the professional scientific community now organizing to study UAP using rigorous scientific methods.

The group will coordinate with the professional science community to produce a white paper outlining best practices for UAP-CS, and articulate ways that this community can interface strategically with the existing CS ecosystem, where key resources already deployed in other such projects can be put to use in service of this newly-designed UAP-CS program.

Project Coordinator: Mr. Daniel F. Williams

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