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The Society for UAP Studies is a nonprofit organized as a learned and professional society. Its primary aim is to redefine and redirect the study of unidentified aerospace/anomalous phenomena, transforming it into a recognized academic field rather than merely a frontier science. This field will draw upon existing academic disciplines without aligning itself exclusively with any one of them.

While upholding rigorous standards of academic discourse, writing, and debate, the Society also maintains a critical approach to its subject matter. It acknowledges its position as liminal, critically examining what is currently thought to be known about UAP while remaining open to the more profoundly anomalous (and epistemologically challenging) aspects of these phenomena.

In this spirit, the Society rejects both uncritical belief and dogmatic skepticism, embracing an openness to the existence of a profoundly anomalous phenomenon that has implications for various fundamental aspects of human inquiry, including knowledge, science, truth, meaning, political governance, culture, and ways of living.

As the Society evolves, it seeks to establish clear distinctions from other UAP-focused organizations, such as the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), the Galileo Project, and UAPx, while at the same time recognizing its affinity with them. The Society sees itself as complementing the work of these important research organizations, as its primary focus lies in promoting meta-level theoretical, academic reflections on the subject of UAP and UAP research methodology.


Thus, while as an organization we do not primarily aim to produce the ground-level data that forms the evidential basis for UAP, the Society will conduct focused, meta-theoretic studies examining how UAP ought to be investigated or researched, and how, more broadly, "UAP Studies" itself should be conceived in academic terms.

Moreover, the Society is committed to fostering interdisciplinary discussions, debates, and - perhaps most importantly - cross-disciplinary coordination, particularly between STEM and the humanities and social sciences.

Lastly, the Society dedicates itself to education and outreach, aiming to develop a comprehensive UAP Studies curriculum suitable for university-level education, affording such curriculum a clear pathway for eventual integration into mainstream academia.

Through these efforts, the Society aims to serve as a platform for establishing, advancing, and expanding UAP Studies as a well-grounded, empirically accountable, and wide-ranging academic field actively engaging both the humanities and STEM in meaningful, reciprocal dialogue.


Consider joining us in this exciting new venture to define the future of UAP Studies...


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