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Earth and Space


The Society for UAP Studies is a nonprofit organization currently being developed as a learned and professional society. It intends to be organized around the fundamental goal of reorienting and refocusing the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena so that it emerges not as only a frontier science, but a true academic discipline of knowledge in its own right. Because of the nature of its subject matter, this academic discipline will be one which draws on work from existing academic disciplines without identifying with any one of them.

While the Society will maintain rigorous standards of academic discussion, writing and debate, and while it will at the same time maintain a critical disposition towards its subject matter, the Society sees itself as occupying a fundamentally liminal space between what can be known about UAP, and what is yet to be determined.

We therefore reject both credulous believerism and dogmatic debunkerism in the spirit of openness to the existence of a profoundly anomalous phenomenon significant to all manner of fundamental human concerns (knowledge, science, truth, meaning, political governance, culture, and ways of living).

As the Society develops, we intend for its distinction from other UAP-related organizations such as the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), or the Galileo Project and UAPx, to become very clear. While the Society sees its activity as fully consistent with, and especially complementary to, the activity of these other organizations, The Society for UAP Studies is specifically concerned more with promoting meta-level theoretical/academic reflection on the subject of UAP; it is not primarily interested in producing the first-order data that constitutes the evidential basis of the UAP phenomenon itself.


Furthermore, the Society is dedicated to bringing together different academic disciplines (especially STEM and the humanities and social sciences) for discussion, debate and disciplinary definition or coordination.


Finally, the Society is also dedicated to education and outreach: the development of a robust, university-level UAP Studies curriculum which can be offered, potentially, within mainstream academia.


In this way the Society hopes to be a vehicle for the promotion, institution, and further development of UAP Studies as a well-grounded, empirically accountable but wide ranging academic discipline highly responsive to both humanistic and STEM-oriented traditions of study and research.

Our tentative launch date, when operations will officially begin for SUAPS, is set for Spring/Summer 2023.

Consider joining us in this exciting new venture to define the future of UAP Studies...

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