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Fundamental Approaches to the Study of UAP

- ongoing throughout the year -

The Society is in the process of developing of number of online courses on a variety of topics which treat the UAP enigma from a number of different academic perspectives.

These online courses will vary in form, from the more traditional undergraduate-style courses, to the more advanced graduate-style lecture seminars that meet once per week for a few hours. Semester-long courses will be developed which meet regularly during either a traditional 16-week or accelerated 8-week rotation, but we will also conduct shorter (one- or two-month-long) courses; these courses will employ the graduate-style seminar format.

Each course will have a unique focus on the most fundamental aspects (methodological, epistemological, and ontological) of the study of UAP that are relevant to the disciplinary approach adopted by the course lecturer. In other words, each course will not only study UAP themselves from a particular academic perspective; it will also concern itself with how the phenomenon ought to be studies from that perspective. As such our courses will highlight the more meta-theoretic, reflective questions that are essential if the study of UAP is to be academically serious, rigorous and productive.

The lecturers we choose have in their work specifically demonstrated a concern for the kind of academic and scholarly rigor that the Society seeks to promote.

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Online Courses: Courses

Fall 2023 Curriculum

October-November: Phenomenology of UAP with philosopher Dr. Kimberly Engels

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