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Membership At SUAPS

The Society for UAP Studies offers a variety of membership options.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Membership is intended for those with exceptional academic or professional qualifications, or an established and reputable body of research and publications in UAP Studies or pertinent academic disciplines. Advisory Board Members are asked to play a more active role in the specific work of the Society. Functions may include offering expert counsel on research project organization and development, advising the Society's curriculum development team, and sitting on the Board of Certification for UAP Studies. Advisory Board Members are not asked to pay dues to the Society.

Benefits include free access to most of the Society's events and online publications (including all members-only website content) and first choice for active leadership roles in the various activities and functions of the Society.

Please note: there are only a limited number of advisory board member positions available, and membership here is at the sole discretion of the Society's Board of Directors, with significant input from the Society's existing Board of Advisors. A seat on this Advisory Board is also contingent upon an Agreement Protocol that is part of the application approval process.

Board Meeting

International Council of UAP Research Organizations

* Under Development *

The International Council of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Research Organizations (ICUAPRO) will be a key component of the Society for UAP Studies' mission to provide infrastructure that can foster and sustain international cooperation and exchange. This unique council is intended to serve as a collaborative hub, inviting member organizations from around the world to be part of regular strategic meetings at the Society that help solidify international cooperation on fundamental questions such as best practices for investigation, research and scholarly study of UAP.


Membership on this Council not only will grant full access to the Society's website, but it also assures participation in all Council meetings and activities. Generally, membership on the Council, and hence with the Society itself, once approved, is granted at no cost. Only members of approved UAP research organizations, who are in good standing with those organizations, are eligible for a place on this Council.

Besides having a chance to take a lead role in this international, cooperative endeavor, ICUAPRO membership benefits will include: access to the Society's website; discounted access to most of the Society's events & academic courses; and access to the Society's various publications (including all members-only content).

Please Note: The Society is working to develop this membership type, which is not yet formally available. When active, approval for a place on this Council will be at the sole discretion of the Society's Board of Directions, possibly with significant input from both the Society's Advisory Board and existing leadership within the Council itself. Other Terms & Conditions may apply.

White Dome


This is considered full membership with the Society, and is intended for academics, scholars and experienced professionals devoted to UAP Studies.


Membership dues will be expected from all Affiliate Members in order to help offset the operating costs for the Society. These dues will be commensurate with those for other, similar professional or learned societies.

Benefits include discounts on all SUAPS events, online seminars or semester courses; a free subscription to Limina; invitations to participate in workshops and discussion groups; access to all other members-only website content; and opportunities for academic and professional development.

*25 USD per month*

Illuminated Rock
Abstract Planet
Parallel Lines

Community Member

This is intended for the general public and requires no special academic credentialing or professional experience. It is therefore open to all.


As for Affiliate Members, membership dues will be expected for members to be in good standing with the Society, but will be fixed at a lower rate than for Affiliates of the Society.

Benefits include discounts on SUAPS events & online courses; special access to community-members-only events; access to other members-only content (such as special invited blog posts by noted scholars); and a discounted subscription to Limina.

*10 USD per month*

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