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Dr. Massimo Teodorani
SCU | Society for UAP Studies

Each Monday in June 2023

In this intensive seminar series, the esteemed longtime UAP researcher Dr. Massimo Teodorani will undertake a systematic discussion of his engagement with the physical observations of UAP over the course of four two-hour lectures, during the month of June (2023). Seminar participants will have an opportunity to engage Dr. Teodorani for one hour of dialogue following each lecture.

Note: this seminar series requires that you register for each day separately - so if you can't commit to the whole series, you're able to attend as much as you can!

  • The schedule of lectures is: each Monday during the whole month of June, from 10am until 1pm PST / 6pm until 9pm UTC.

The J. Allen Hynek Lectures: Service
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