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The Society for UAP Studies is a nonprofit corporation (501c3 status pending) that seeks to bring together serious thinkers (both academics and professionals) who are committed to advancing the study of the UAP phenomenon to the next level of rigorous scholarly engagement. The Society's primary output is the biannual, peer-reviewed journal Limina.

**The Society is now in operation and is working to approve membership applications. Please consider becoming a member today!**

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presenting a Biannual Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journal — LIMINA: The Journal of UAP Studies

Limina: The Journal of UAP Studies

Limina is a peer-reviewed academic journal. Its fundamental purpose and most basic intent is to advance the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena to the next level of serious, rigorous, academic scholarship.

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a public service devoted to systematic & sophisticated engagement with various aspects of the UAP phenomenon

Feb 3 - 5,  2023  |  An Online Virtual Event

Foundations, Frontiers, and Future Prospects of UAP Studies

Limina's Inaugural Symposium!

This is an online symposium devoted to fundamental and foundational issues in the study of the UAP phenomenon. Participants are asked to reflect on fundamental ontological, epistemological and methodological issues faced when studying UAPs.

We also ask: Is a science of the phenomenon possible, and if so, what should it be like? In addition, participants are asked to consider future prospects for research in this area. Where would they like to see UAP studies in the next decade?

Note: the event has now ended, and  as has the on-demand access period through our conferencing vendor vFairs. However, we are in the process of making the videos of the talks available through this website, which will host the content from Limina's recent event.

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Affiliate Research Organizations

The Society is developing much-needed infrastructure for cooperation and informational exchange among all serious UAP research organizations around the world. This infrastructure will also provide an opportunity for interfacing between these groups and the academic community at large who are serious about the rigorous study of the phenomena.

Here you will learn about each organization affiliated with the Society, including their ongoing and active research projects, their staffing or volunteer needs and their funding requirements. You will also have a change to connect with the leaders of these pioneering research efforts, and explore membership opportunities to see if you can be part of their important work. 

If you are part of such an organization, please reach out to us and get connected!


UAP Tracker is a daily live stream on YouTube watching the skies for anomalous events. Interesting events captured on the live stream and from motion tracking software are uploaded after the live stream ends.  Links are then posted in the recorded live stream video description and comment sections.​ It features consumer grade technology available from online stores

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The UFO Data Acquisition Project (UFODAP) objective is to enable UAP/UFO research by deployment of advanced data collection technology. Their systems are employed by a number of cutting-edge UAP research organizations around the world, including UAPx.

Project Hessdalen

Project Hessdalen is the longest standing UAP research project in the world. Numerous PhD-level researchers have worked on the project since the 1980s, when the phenomena were first detected.

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creating the concepts we need

Virtual Workshops

SUAPS intends to develop a number of virtual workshops for the purposes of doing fundamental research on a number of key areas of UAP studies in need of further conceptual development. One area of interest would be the intersection of UAP and consciousness studies. Another area of interest would be the role of fundamental physics in explaining the UAP phenomenon.

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The Society is launching a series of online courses (both traditional semester-long classes, and shorter seminars) that look at the UAP enigma from various academic disciplinary approaches. Our curriculum will emphasize the more foundational questions that arise for the study of such a difficult subject.

Contact us if you are interested in teaching or attending. Subscribe to our email list to keep apprised of these and other exciting offerings of the Society.

A Study of the Physical Observations of UAP with Dr. Massimo Teodorani

- June 2023 -

Over the course of four three-hour seminars, students will work with Dr. Teodorani as he undertakes a detailed examination of the various issues involved in the observation of UAP from a physical, instrumented standpoint. Students will benefit greatly from Dr. Teodorani's several decades of studying UAP from a physical and rigorously empirical point of view.

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developing the right resources & tools for the effective and deep study of the UAP phenomenon. Members are encouraged to reach out and take the lead on either existing projects, or for projects they would like to propose.

Phenomenological Catalogue of UAP-Human Encounters

This ongoing project develops an exhaustive phenomenological catalogue of UAP-human encounters in order to study the mode of presentation of the UAP to human percipients.

Bibliography of UAP Studies

An ongoing project to develop the best bibliography of UAP studies, covering the entire range of works devoted to UAP case reports, historical and folkloric studies related to UAP, and the latest in UAP instrumented study methods and theory, and much more.

Videography of UAP Phenomenon

The virtue of this compilation will be its curatorial nature: a collection vetted by trusted experts in the field.

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