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Blogging At the Society

Updated: Apr 14

As a place of disciplinary intersection and dialogue regarding the UAP enigma, the Society for UAP Studies offers all of its Advisory Board and Affiliate Members the opportunity to blog on various topics related to UAP and on UAP Studies more generally.

The Society would also like to invite interested scholars, professionals and other researchers who would like to develop their thoughts in connection with UAP or UAP Studies to reach out to the Director ( to see if having a blog at the Society would be the right fit.

A note on content: while we are accepting of a broad range of points of view, the Society desires to promote a foundation of rigorous empirical study of UAP as the basis for UAP Studies more generally. This means that, while we might entertain certain speculations about either the nature or origins of UAP, we are wary of unrestricted and academically undisciplined speculations about that nature or those origins. Accordingly, we adopt a stance of metaphysical, speculative and methodological neutrality, and do not seek to advocate for or promote any particular point of view regarding UAP. Rather, we want to maintain an openness to a wide range of empirical, metaphysical and methodological possibilities, as well as we desire to maintain a rigorous academic objectivity regarding this subject matter (the nature of which, we accept, can and should be itself challenged in open dialogue and debate). Therefore, the Society’s Board of Advisors itself, including the President and Director of the Society, reserves the right to act in an editorial capacity, moderating the submissions as needed.

Finally, we will be offering UAP-concerned research organizations from around the world the opportunity to have a dedicated blog where they can write about their own activities.

Here is where scholars, professionals and UAP-concerned researchers can keep apprised of the latest developments in UAP research and UAP Studies.

Please consider joining not only our UAP writer's group, but the Society itself!

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