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Project Hessdalen. Part 1 : From 3 June 1983 to 24 March 1994.

Project Hessdalen (Part 1) was established June 3, 1983. There were people from the three organisations UFO Norway, UFO Sweden and Foreningen for psykobiofysik who gathered in a meeting to descuss what to do with the ongoing UFO flap in the Hessdalen valley. It was decided to start Project Hessdalen.  This project should be free from, and not part of, the three organisations.  There were five leaders who became a management team. Everyone had their specific responsibility in the project. This worked fine because all five respected the responsibility of the others.

Two main goals were set:

1)      Get scientific data of the phenomena.

2)      Get the UFO phenomena accepted.

Two main activities were done:

1)      A field work in Hessdalen from 21 January to 26 February 1984

2)      A second field work in Hessdalen from 14 January to 10 February 1985

Both field works used instruments and about 40 people participated. We got help from the Norwegian Defence Department, the norwegian air force, people from the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo, and some companies.

After 1985 and until Project Hessdalen part 2 startet in 1994 the activities were low, mainly interviews and presentations.

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