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They (may) have the crafts, but have they heard the message?

A major moment of potential disclosure was in the air two weeks ago, as whistleblower David Grusch alleged that the US government is in possession of multiple crafts or fragments of crafts of non-human origin. At this point we do not have enough information to pass judgment on the veracity of Grusch’s claims. I remain open to what unfolds in the weeks and months to come, and it is possible that more evidence and testimony will emerge regarding what physical materials are possessed.

As I was contemplating the implications of the potential disclosure, I was reminded of the words of UAP experiencer Matthew Roberts. Matthew Roberts was on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the now famous Gimball and GoFast UAP footage. Roberts wrote about the events that followed his UAP sighting in his 2020 self-published book Initiated. Roberts shares a story filled not just with a UAP sighting, but the synchronicities, downloads, and experiences with entities he experienced in the weeks and months following his initial encounter. Roberts has an interesting take when he speculates about what the US government may or may not have in its possession:

“What does the government know? Is there wreckage? Do we have alien bodies? What has been reverse engineered behind closed doors? These are all good questions but none of us can answer them right now, so I am personally not going to worry about it…I don’t care what the government thinks it knows, or what it has; they don’t understand any of it anyway,” (Initiated, 365).

Roberts’ writing is rough, as it is a self-published work, and some may dismiss it as lacking in academic rigor. However, the book is sincere and authentic and gives his honest individual account of how his interaction with the phenomenon changed his worldview, as well as what he thinks it all means. Roberts reports changes in the ways he thinks about the nature of the universe, spirituality, human consciousness, and human relationships, as well as social issues related to economics and politics. But Roberts clearly believes officials who may have possession of materials of non-human origin do not truly understand what they have access to.

Roberts is just one experiencer, but he is by no means alone. In The Omega Project, Kenneth Ring’s survey of UAP experiencers found that more than half reported some kind of mind expansion and felt flooded with more information than they were capable of absorbing. Experiencers also reported being able to process new information better than prior to their experiences, and report being sensitive to information from other dimensions. UAP experiencers also reported increases in appreciation for life, self-acceptance, concern for others, and a decrease in materialistic concerns. Most substantially, experiencers reported an increase in concern for planetary welfare: “Fully 85 percent of UFOErs report an increase in their concern for planetary welfare following their UFO encounter, and of these, nearly 60 percent state it has strongly increased” (The Omega Project, 181). Additionally, Ring found that there was widespread agreement in experiencers with statements implying humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary growth towards a higher form of consciousness and spiritual awareness and believe that the occurrence of UAP experiences is part of this process (The Omega Project, 156, 175-176, 186).

I do not know whether or not the US government possesses crafts of non-human origin. I am of the opinion that if they do have the crafts, Roberts may be correct that those who possess them are unlikely to have understood the message.

I find it highly unlikely that advanced crafts with the capabilities UAP have been reported as possessing could or would crash. Additionally, military personnel have reported firing on UAP, only to have the craft disappear from view or to see the missiles disintegrate. Thus I also think it is unlikely these craft were shot down in hostile action. This leaves one other possibility: these craft, if they do indeed exist, were left intentionally. Grusch does state in his initial interview that some of the craft were found abandoned.

Why would the intelligence leave abandoned craft they know we would find? As part of an ongoing conversation. But if those who allegedly possess these craft are viewing them only through the lens of advanced technology that we could weaponize or monetize, it seems they are missing something important. We cannot ignore the voices of UAP experiencers who have repeatedly emphasized the message that the phenomenon is related to changes in human consciousness, and that a paradigm shift in terms of how we think about reality is necessary for fully understanding what is going on.

While the idea that the government may possess crafts of non-human origin is certainly a bombshell, at this point I don’t know how much more will be disclosed or on what timeline. I do think officials simply possessing physical crafts without understanding the broader changes that take place in individuals who have UAP encounters means they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle. While the emphasis in our culture on the natural sciences and physical proof makes the possibility of the possession of physical crafts an exciting prospect, and one on which there will be much focus for scientific studies of UAP, we also must ask the questions of meaning: what is being communicated through these craft, and why? And to answer that question, we need the testimony of UAP experiencers, whose lived experiences are an equally if not more important component of the mystery.

Roberts writes, “What investigators call ‘the nuts and bolts’ might be a neat read in some magazine in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, but the ‘why’ is far more profound than any of that; the ‘why’ is in fact the nuts and bolts of all of this,” (Initiated, 365).

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Brenda Denzler
Brenda Denzler
22. März

Kimberly, I have heard before of people feeling that they have received "downloads" from the intelligence(s) behind the UAP. Earliest mention I've found dates from 1960. Even today, there are scientists working in laboratories who say (privately, if not in public) that their ideas for their work seem to have been "given" to them from outside themselves. I am very interested in this aspect of the phenomenon. As Roberts says, the "why" of it. Thanks for the review of his book and pointing me in that direction. I'm just beginning to get back into the UFO scene after a semi-hiatus and look forward to my catching-up reading.

Gefällt mir
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