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UAP - A German Perspective ...a short introduction into the series

Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon (ca. 1824), oil on canvas by German Romantic landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich. On display at the Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

With this first post, I would like to start a little blog series to give an insight into the history of UFO/UAP-related events that happened in my home country, because Germany has seen many fascinating and likely important UAP events that were either overlooked, mis- or half-right represented in the past and by other authors (...likely because of mistranslations of the original sources and language barriers).

Before I start the series, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself: Born in 1976 in the southwestern German federal state of Saarland, I am a self-employed journalist and the editor of (GreWi), a now much-read daily news blog on anomalistic phenomena and frontiers in science, written in the German language.


Since 1994, I have tried to investigate the Crop Circle phenomenon from a scientific perspective and have spent many summers in the fields of southern England. In 2014, I co-curated the world's first exhibition on the phenomenon for a science museum – the "Wiltshire Museum" at Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, known for its presentation of the Gold-findings from Stonehenge. I wrote two books on the phenomenon, its history, and research: "Kornkreise - Geometrie, Phänomene, Forschung" (2001) and "Phänomen Kornkreise" (2005) published by Swiss AT Verlag. I always regarded Crop Circles as a phenomenon in and of its own and not as a sub-phenomenon of the UFO mystery. While I still keep track of the circles, my main focus of interest has shifted since several years to UFOs/UAP.


In 2021, I published a 450-paged compendium about all known, less known, and (until then) unknown official German UFO files, "Deutschlands UFO-Akten - Über den politischen Umgang mit dem UFO-Phänomen in Deutschland." In 2023, I published the second part of this book series (which is actually more like the prologue to its predecessor) on historical UFO-related documents from Germany (776-1870), "Deutschlands historische UFO-Akten - Schilderungen unidentifizierter Flugobjekte und Phänomene in historischen Aufzeichnungen und Archivalien aus Deutschland."

Andreas Müller

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